The anti-heat glove

by Garden4Home
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The anti-heat glove is the essential glove for your "barbecue parties" and for your fireplace parties! Thanks to the rising part of the glove, it offers a perfect protection of your hand and forearm.

Made of aramid fiber, it resists heat up to 250°C!

Its five-finger design, with reinforced silicone strips, can be used by both right- and left-handed people.

Certified EN407, the barbecue heat glove is non-flammable: it resists flame, contact heat, convective heat and even radiant heat.

The anti heat glove special barbecue fulfills perfectly its role to not burn you and protect your hands (also your forearm thanks to its long sleeve), when you take a dish out of the oven or handle the barbecue grill.

Forget the classic potholders that are heavy, burn you and are not pleasant to use. The anti-heat glove special barbecue brings you a better handling, flexibility and a resistance in time increased.