Grill Brush Cleaner

by Garden4Home
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$ 26.00
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A tough brush that works!

This heavy-duty Brush Cleaner is the Real Brush4Barbecue! It does its job well and has a long handle that keeps your hands away from the heat. Packed with three rows of tightly bound stainless steel bristles, angled to get deep in the grooves and clean between grates. Built-in stainless steel Grill Scraper and 18" long handle will effectively remove cooked-on gunk. A bonus is it has a Reinforced Stainless Steel Shaft, Stainless Steel Scrapper, and Stainless Steel Hook that covers three times the surface and will leave your grill clean and ready for the next round of delicious BBQ.100% Rust Proof.    Remember, a clean grill is equal to a Healthy BBQ!