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The Barbecue cooking bags :

You're a Barbecue lover but you hesitate to do it because of the work involved?

Would you like to eat skewers, sausages or sardines grilled to perfection easily?

Would you like to finally be able to enjoy seafood and vegetables grilled over a wood fire, the way they should be? 

This innovative accessory is a whole new way to Grill your food!

Sac à mailles réutilisable pour Barbecue – thecazaresWith the "GrillOne" mesh bag, no more flipping food one by one, it's all done in one go, it makes your life easier!

Grill like a pro: It allows the smoke from the flames to flow directly between the food, so your charcoal can impart a smoky flavor to whatever you are cooking.

▪ Non-stick:It has a non-stick coating to ensure easy removal of even the most delicate foods on the grill! No food will stick to the mesh

▪ Sturdy snap closures,to keep food inside and prevent small food from falling between the barriers of your barbecue

▪ Easy to clean:We guarantee minimal scraping after your barbecue is over, for the mesh bag a trip to the dishwasher is enough.

▪Economical:more economical than other options Like Wooden skewers and foil , you won't have to buy them every time there's a barbecue at home!

Impress family and friends with skewers, seafood, and vegetables grilled to perfection! Wood-fired grilled vegetables and seafood, we're sure you'll love it! 

thelastplanet Sac De Maille pour Barbecue Sac de Cuisson en Maille pour  Barbecue Cuisson au Four réutilisable et Facile à Nettoyer, Sac de Grillage  antiadhésif, Tapis de Maille de Gril antiadhésif:

To remove your meal from the barbecue, be sure to use a heat resistant glove or tongs so you don't get burned by the metal structure of the cooking bag!

Benefits :

 Our sturdy mesh grill bag

Il It allows your barbecue masterpiece to fully absorb those amazing smoky flavors. It is ideal for beef, chicken, steaks, fish and vegetables.

✔100% reusable

Once finished you can wash it by hand or you can also put it in your dishwasher and it will come out like new and ready for the next use.

 ✔Le The Grillone is non-stick

Non-stick, the bag of cooking for barbecue is ideal to cook the food cleanly by preventing them from sticking finished the piece of meat that this breaks or remains stuck to the grill your food will no longer pass through the grids of the barbecue.

No more food loss through the grill 

Never grill on an unpleasant barbecue grill again! Grillone prevents all your grilled creations from falling through the grates!

Prenuim materials  

Our sturdy bag is made of flexible mesh material, It leaves enough heat in your food and snaps to protect it, the bag is easy to turn over. Good for your indoor or outdoor kitchen. Can be heated up to 500 degrees F.

Environmentally friendly

The barbecue bag is made of environmentally friendly materials and is non-toxic, odorless, easy to clean, reusable and prevents food from sticking. 

Shipping & Returns :

Delivery is free, we deliver anywhere in the world! Also take advantage of our 1 year guarantee on all our items. ( Satisfied or refunded ).