Cleaning Nozzle - Pressure Washer Attachment

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This is the perfect attachment to your pressure washer ! Cleaning dirty surfaces become fast and easy with our Cleaning Nozzle.

It covers more ground and adds more pressure than an ordinary pressure washer. Saving time and energy when cleaning even the toughest surfaces.

Choose between the Car Chassis Cleaner or the Road Cleaner and get a professional-grade cleaning.

Let’s start cleaning faster and smarter ! You can get the job done up to 4X faster than the usual spray nozzles.

Just attach your pressure washer to our cleaning nozzle and let the 4 jets do the rest of the work. Washing away dirt and grime and leaving your floor/car chassis looking brand new again.

The nozzle has a 1/4 male plug, so you can simply click on the powerwasher female and you're good to go.


  • Fits Most Wands - Our Cleaning Nozzle fits most pressure washer wands.
  • A Smart cleaning solution - Now you can cover more ground and use more pressure on the dirty surfaces that need cleaning. Allowing you to clean in those hard to reach areas with ease.
  • Super easy to use - Connect it to the pressure washer and you are ready for effortless professional cleaning. Making it easy for any beginner to start using and see incredible results.
  • Washes everything away - The 4 jets will leave a stainless surface. Washing away years of dirt with ease and reviving any surface in minutes.

Note : The pressure washer is not included. 

Why should i use it ? 

> Dirty undercarriages will affect performance and reliability.
> Easily clean salt, mud, oil and other contaminants from your undercarriage
> Increase lifespan of your chassis and suspension

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q: Can I save on water consumption?

A: Yes, This attachment covers more area than the standard pressure washer nozzle. And, because of the 4 nozzle design, it effectively uses less water.

Q: What is the minimum PSI to use for this product to do its job?

A: Surface Cleaner can be used with as low as 2500 PSI. However, the recommended pressure is 3200-5000 PSI (Most of pressure washer are at this rate)

Q : How can i know which type/plug to choose ? 

A: Here is the way to select the right type/plug : 
1. If you want to clean the chassis of your car, please select "CHASSIS CLEANER". 
If you want to clean your floor/garage etc.., please select " ROAD CLEANER"

2. Now to choose the plug, please refer to the model of your pressure washer (K Series or HD Series) or check the outlet and refer to the pictures above. 

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